One common type of damage and small dents to a vehicle I see is from a driver hitting the garbage can. These dents are usually on the back gate of an SUV or the trunk of a car. Sometimes they can leave a crease or larger dent on the side body panels of a vehicle.

This type of damage is often a perfect candidate for fixing a car dent with paintless dent repair because the garbage can is plastic and it won’t damage the paint on the car. This way the repair will not require any major bodywork or repainting at an auto body shop.

This paintless dent repair video will show you the process I used to fix this dent in the back of an SUV gate. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8353B4UVcJc

Inspecting the Size of the Dent

The first thing we need to do is inspect the dent to determine the time it will take to fix and the dent repair cost.

First, we will determine the size of the damage by measuring the entire dent area. This is done with a magnetic ruler to get the size of the dent in inches. We need to measure the entire area of the damage and not just the center of the impact. This is because we need to work with the whole area and manipulate the metal to reform it back to its original shape.

Next, we will often measure the depth of the dent. This allows us to know how deep and stretched is the dent. The deeper the impact to the metal surfaces, the more difficult and longer it will take to reshape.

Measure Size of Dent for PDR Cost

The most common method of Paintless Dent Repair

is using special PDR Tools to push out the damage

Inspecting the Access to the Dent

Access to the inside of the panel is often needed to fix a dent. This method will allow us to use our special tools to gently push out the dent from the inside. This dent removal method is often the preferred way of fixing a dent in a car.

If access to the inside of the vehicle panel is not an option. Then we will determine if using the glue pulling method of repair will work.

If we do need to remove any interior trim panels, this will add to the labor time, increasing the cost. Also, if a glue pull repair is needed, this will also add additional labor time and cost to the repair.

Inspect Access for Fixing a Car Dent

Using the Pushing Method of Dent Removal

Now that we have determined that we will have access to the backside of the dent. We will be using the dent removal method of pushing out the damage.

For this dent, I had a couple of options for access. This is helpful when using our dent-removal tools because we will be able to achieve the best dent repair.

While the wide-open access directly behind the dent is helpful, we still need a leverage point to be able to push with a dent-removal tool. This was possible by either using the large hole at the edge of the panel as an access point or by hanging a hook to use as leverage.

This process of PDR uses specialized steel rods that gently push out the dents in metal panel. We are using gentle and precise pressure to slowly move the dented area back to its original shape. This is not just a quick way of having the dent pop out.

To fix the dent in this vehicle, it required using several tools. I had started with a regular PDR rod, but I also added some unique tape to the end of the tool. This allows for making softer pushes over a slightly larger area. This prevents from making any errors and “poking up” spots in the sheet metal and causing any paint damage.

While just pushing out a simple dent may be possible for most small door dings and minor dents. We often will still need to work on the outside of the auto body exterior panel. This is done with special hammers and knockdown tips. These tools can be made of rubber or metal and even some unique materials that do not damage the original paint finish.

This gentle tapping down with the hammer and knockdown is used to shape the metal from the outside. This can include pushing down large crowns or the need to move small points in the damage. This is what will help blend back the original “orange peel” finish.

Where To Get That Dent Fixed

If you need paintless dent repair services for a pesky dent in your vehicle from backing it into a garbage can or any types of dents from a door ding to medium-sized dents and even major dents. Let Excel Dent Removal be the solution for that unsightly dent and save you from the costly option of traditional dent repair.

Give me a call to inspect your vehicle damage at our paintless dent repair shop located right here in Blaine Minnesota.

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