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Excel Dent Removal, a leader in the paintless dent repair services industry, offers a wide range of videos to help educate customers on the advantages of this cost-effective and efficient auto dent repair solution.

From instructional and informational videos to demonstrations of successful paintless dent repair projects, Excel Dent Removal provides a comprehensive selection of videos to help customers understand the benefits of their services.

With experienced technicians and high-tech PDR tools, Excel Dent Removal is committed to providing the highest standard of quality service for all of their customers.

Their videos offer clear and concise explanations of their paintless dent repair services, giving customers an insight into the process, and helping them make an informed decision on how best to have the dents in their vehicle repaired.

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M-F 9am to 7pm Sat 10:30 to 2:30 Please Call First To Request An Appointment For Estimates and Repairs

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Steven Dumala Owner at Excel Dent Removal - Paintless Dent Repair Shop in Blaine Minnesota





“Hi, I’m Steven at Excel Dent Removal. I look forward to providing you excellent paintless dent repair for your door dings, minor dents, or the hail damage to your vehicle. I have over 25 years of experience in the paintless dent removal industry and I have repaired many different types of vehicles and damage. I encourage you to give me a call first before taking your car into the body shop. This way we can see if I can provide you a better quality repair and all within a shorter amount of time. I look forward to providing an excellent dent repair for you.”

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