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Excel Dent Removal is an expert provider of paintless dent repair services. Their blog page articles are a valuable resource for learning more about the process of paintless dent repair.

It is full of informative and educational pieces that explain the process, the benefits, and the advantages of using this type of dent repair over other auto body repair methods. It also offers helpful tips and advice for anyone considering paintless dent repair for their vehicle.

Excel Dent Removal‘s news page is a great place to go to get all the information needed to make an informed decision about the best method of dent removal for your vehicle. Their paintless dent repair services are reliable, cost-effective, and efficient, making them the preferred choice for many car owners in the Minneapolis and St Paul Minnesota area.

Auto Hail Damage Claims: 5 Tips You Need to Know

Your Insurance Company’s Hail Claim Check is Not Enough To Cover the Cost To Properly Repair Your Vehicle We have found that 95% of the claims for hail damage we see on cars in Minnesota will need a supplement from the insurance company. The supplement is necessary to fully cover the cost to repair your car. This is done...

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How Much Does Paintless Dent Repair Cost

So you want to know How Much Does Paintless Dent Repair Cost. Maybe you’ve recently got a door ding in your car or you were in a "fender bender" and someone caused a larger dent and you want to know how much it is going to cost for paintless dent repair. Hi, I’m Steven from Excel Dent Removal of Minnesota and I’m going to...

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What Is PDR?

What is PDR? PDR is the acronym or the shortened version of the phrase Paintless Dent Repair or Paintless Dent Removal. PDR is usually the term used within the paintless dent repair industry and it is not often well recognized outside of the automotive industry.Where Is PDR Used? Some examples where PDR is used in place...

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Repairing a Dent In a Car

How To Remove Dents From Car Door Panel One of the best ways of repairing a dent in a car is by using paintless dent removal. This method of removing dents and minor dings from a vehicle does not use any auto body filler or repainting at an auto body shop. This way your car is completed in less time and is still able to...

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Fixing a Car Dent With Paintless Dent Repair

One common type of damage and small dents to a vehicle I see is from a driver hitting the garbage can. These dents are usually on the back gate of an SUV or the trunk of a car. Sometimes they can leave a crease or larger dent on the side body panels of a vehicle. This type of damage is often a perfect candidate for fixing...

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How Is Auto Hail Damage Repair Done With Paintless Dent Removal

You just got an alert on your phone that a severe thunderstorm is approaching your area. The storm is bringing with it strong winds, a possible tornado, and some large damaging hail. But your car is stuck outside and there is nowhere to get it covered before the hail starts falling.  You get yourself to a safe place to...

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Does Car Insurance Cover Hail Damage

A severe storm has just gone through your town bringing with it wind and some large hailstones. Unfortunately, your car was outside and this storm left hail damage dents all over your car.  Now you’re wondering if it’s going to cost thousands of dollars to fix your car, how will you pay for it, and does car insurance...

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How Is Paintless Dent Repair Done

If you’ve recently noticed a small dent in your car or maybe you got a random door ding while you were in a parking lot and now you are wanting to know how to get that dent fixed.  Well, today I’m going to share with you just one of the many ways that paintless dent repair is done.  (You can watch this video to see how a...

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